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Product Replacement

What is the difference between NB1 and eB?

1. NB1 complies with standards IEC60898-1, IEC60947-2 and UL1077.

2. eB conforms to standards IEC60898-1 and IEC60947-2.


Different breaking capacity

1. Based upon the standard IEC60898-1: the breaking capacity of NB1 is 6000A/10000A.

2. While the breaking capacity is 3000A/4500A(1-63A), or 6000A(1-40A).


NB1 can indicate the status of contact, but eB can’t. 

Braking unit of NB1 is specially designed, very convenient for customer. If an individual product fails and a bus-bar is used for connection, you only need to disassemble the failed product, other than all these devices surrounding the failed one.


What is the difference between NVF2 and NVF1?

1. Function: the same

2. Installation dimension: different.

3. Difference: all hardware circuits of NVF2 are optimized on the basis of NVF1. The product is enhanced in reliability and anti-interference capacity, through   software, hardware and structure optimization, and introduction of anti-interference design. NVF2 series adopt the open-loop vector control as NVF1, but they   feature as high starting torque, strong overload capacity, high control accuracy, etc., and they are perfectly suitable for occasions with low-speed high load or   fast load sudden change.


What is the difference among NM1, NM7 and NM8?

1. NM1, NM7 and NM8 are increasingly higher one by one in breaking capacity, which is also the most different point among them.

2. Both NM1 and NM7 have bar-mounted contacts, and this is a common point, but among the three, the differences are as follows:NM7 and NM8  accessories are modularized, so they are easy in installation, while NM1 accessories are relatively more complicated in installation;It is easy for wiring of NM7 and NM8. The same product can be wired with either a terminal board, or a cage-type wiring terminal, but only one method is available for NM1wiring.


For NM7 and NM8, the common point is that the accessories of them both are modularized in installation, while they are different in the following aspects: 

1. NM8 is with rotary contacts and double breaking contact terminals, while NM1 and NM7 are of bar-mounted type and has a single breaking contact terminal.

2. NM8 is not only thermally adjustable, but also magnetically adjustable (i.e., short-circuit current adjustable), but the other two are of fixed type, and not adjustable either thermally or magnetically (for NM7, the thermally and magnetically adjustable products are under development).

3. For NM8, either upper wire inlet or lower wire inlet is acceptable, but for NM1 and NM7, you can only wire a line from top and let it go out at the bottom.